In 1991, Julius and Vanny Harvey opened the doors of Harveys Superior Cleaners for business. At first, Harveys Superior Cleaners simply provides its superior service to the small community of Lions Bay, in BC.

Today, after nearly three decades of unfaltering dedication and hard work, Harveys Superior Cleaners has just opened its fourth branch in Toronto. Harveys Superior Cleaners plans to extend its outstanding cleaning services to both commercial and private clients in other areas in Canada in the years to come.

We offer unequaled professional cleaning services for commercial and residential areas.

From cleaning your sheets to scrubbing your exterior walls, Harveys Superior Cleaners is here for you. We would be more than happy to extend our standard cleaning services. If you have additional specific cleaning-related tasks that you want attended to, just let us know and our professional cleaners will see to it that your request is well taken care of.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly cleaning services are just some of the services of Harveys Superior Cleaners preferred by most clients. However, we also offer flexible cleaning schedule such as once every three months, or six months. We also offer one-time general cleaning of any offices or homes.