How Often Should You Have Your Sheets Changed

A clean bed sheet is an important part of a home that’s genuinely clean. Just like the clothes you wear, your skin gets in contact with your sheets each time you go to bed.

And, just like your everyday clothes, your sheets may absorb your sweat, dead skin, drool, and you other body smells and oils.

Therefore, it is only logical to want to change your sheets every now and then. But how often should you really change your sheets?

The answer is really dependent on your personal circumstances as well as your lifestyle.

For an example, if you don’t sweat a lot and you wear clean pajamas to bed, washing and changing your sheets once every two weeks should be enough.

But, if you sweat a lot and/or sleep naked, you might want to change your bed sheets once every week.

Additionally, if you’ve recently gotten sick, even with just colds and cough, you should change your sheets as soon as possible to make sure that you get rid of the germ-filled bedding.

Also, if you are suffering from any skin rash or irritation, as well as fungi-related diseases, you should also change your sheets at least once a week to keep everything fresh and healthy.

If you have a house cleaning company attending to your cleaning, you can’t expect them to change your sheets all the time. In fact, there are cleaning companies who don’t include changing and washing sheets as part of their cleaning routine. You have to make it clear to the cleaning representative that you want your sheets cleaned and how regularly you want them changed. Be prepared to pay an additional charge for it, though.

On the other hand, if you are doing your own cleaning, you can easily change the sheets as often as you need. However, in making the sheets dry, it would be a lot better if you hang your sheets outside under direct sunlight as doing so can effectively kill the germs from your sheets.