How to Keep Your Closet Organized

Your closet is one of the parts of your home you visit almost everyday. And I’m sure that nearly everyone (if not everyone) wants to keep their closets tidy and organized.

A well organized isn’t just pleasing to look at, it can also help save a lot of time in finding clothes we really want to wear. Let’s admit it – at least once in our lives we have spent way too much time looking for a piece of clothing within the pile of our clothes in our disorganized closet.

And, even if we organize our closet once in a while, it can be really difficult to keep it organized for a long time. Especially for some of us who are always in a hurry, we barely have time to make sure our closets remain orderly every time we grab clothes to wear.

Luckily, there are some smart ways we can keep our closets de-cluttered for longer, here are some tips on how to do it:

Tie scarves on hangers. Scarves can be particularly hard to keep organized, especially when we simply put them in our drawers. Tying scarves on hangers will give us an immediate look at them – therefore, we won’t have to rummage through our entire closet looking for that particular scarf we are looking for.

Use a hanging laundry basket. Laundry baskets are usually just placed on our floors, using valuable floor space. Hanging a laundry basket, maybe behind a door, can make your room nicer to look at.

Use cardboard boxes as dividers in your drawers. Socks, underwear garments, ties, and other smaller piece of clothing are typically kept in drawers. Since there are too many items that can be placed in a drawer, it’s unavoidable for these clothing items to be mixed with one another – resulting in a disorganized drawer. Using small-sized cardboard boxes as dividers will ensure that each type of clothing stays in just one area of your drawer.