Cleaning Agents that May Harm Your Family

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning our homes can be an exhausting task that we, as adults, need to do regularly. Aside from the actual cleaning being time consuming and really tiring, direct contact with some toxic cleaning materials can cause harm to us and our loved ones.

Millions of homeowners all over the world clean their own homes. And, to make sure sure that the cleanliness goes beyond simply looking clean, many homeowners buy cleaning agents from their local stores that promises them a whole new level of ‘clean’.

But sometimes, this whole new level of clean comes with a whole new level of dangers. Numerous modern cleaning agents contain toxic chemicals that can be quite harmful.

If you’re a bit worried what these cleaning products are, here are some of them so you know which ones to avoid:

Antibacterial cleaning products

Soaps and other cleaning agents labeled as ‘antibacterial’ commonly have properties that can help encourage the spread and growth of some microbes that can resist drugs.

Fragrances in fabric conditioners, air fresheners, and detergents

Fabric conditioners and other types of air fresheners can definitely make most things smell better. However, some fragrances contained in these products can be so strong that it can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Bleach and chlorine

Bleach and chlorine can be very toxic and can cause irritation to the respiratory system when inhaled. Exposure to these substances can also cause irritation to various parts of the body.

Oven cleaning products

Some oven cleaning products can be extremely harmful that they can cause skin irritation.

Carpet cleaning agents and spot removers

Certain carpet cleaning agents and spot removers can be highly toxic that they can invoke eye irritation. They can also trigger allergic reactions for some people.

Drain cleaners

Drain cleaners are usually abrasive that they can cause serious damage to the eyes and other parts of the body upon exposure.